Keeping up-to-date with world affairs is not easy, every day seems like a new ‘once in a generation’ event is happening and sifting through to find more positive and insightful material can be a handful. To make life a little easier, we have compiled our Top 10 financial resources to keep you focused and knowledgeable!

  1. Count Me In

The Count Me In podcast hosted by Adam Larson and Mitchell Roshong, brought to you by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), is a podcast that focuses on up-to-date insights in the finance and accounting world. Be in the loop of what industry experts who shape the profession think of current technology, data analytics, business transformation, project management accounting, finance and much more. Your company can get valuable insights into what other successful businesses are doing to combat current issues and changes within the industry.

At around 20 minutes per episode, this is a great show to listen to on the way to work or in between tasks

  1. Bloomberg Surveillance

Bloomberg Surveillance is a podcast hosted by Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, Lisa Abramowicz, and Paul Sweenay, aiming to illuminate the latest trends in the finance, economics and investing fields. With global financial expert guests it provides a deeper understanding of the current market and what could be potential challenges and trends. This 30 minute podcast airs on every weekday to make sure that your ride to work, break, lunch or evening is full of gems that can be incorporated into your work as well as your personal finances.

  1. Forbes Middle East

 Forbes Middle East focuses on the Arab world conducting their own research, insights and commentary for original content. Here you will find breaking news of business, technology, investments, entrepreneurship, economy and more. This is the perfect stop for both larger companies as well as for SMEs looking for growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. Forbes Middle East is essential for companies operating in MENA area.

  1. Finimize

Finimze bill themselves as the ‘#1 information platform for modern investors’ with an app which includes news stories, podcasts, access to research and analysis, financial guides, live events and a networking platform. Boasting over 1 millions subscribers, Finimize aims to offer tools and insights needed to make smarter financial decisions. They offer a one week free trial so why not download the app to see for yourself.

  1. Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

This podcast by Goldman Sachs is hosted by senior figures within the company who take a deep dive into a variety of concepts in different markets and within the global economy. The show runs for around 25 minutes and is a great opportunity to widen your knowledge about the fundamentals of the market as a whole. With new guests and topics every episode, it will make sure that you are up to date with everything that is going on.

  1. Yahoo! Finance Daily

Yahoo! Finance Daily is a bitesized, 5 minute show that gives you the latest finance and stocks news. Presented by the reporters at Yahoo Finance this is the perfect morning routine, get the full scoop while your making your coffee to be au fait before sitting down at your desk.

  1. Motley Fool Money

The Motley Fool Money is hosted by Chris Hill accompanied with a team of investment analysts focusing on covering the top business news and financial headlines of the day while also analysing the consequences for the stock market. At around 30 minutes average runtime, this podcast is a great tool to focus in on both finances and the stockmarket. This is a great show to listen to throughout the day as some of the topics may require some time to sink in.

  1. Planet Money

Plant Money is a discussion focused show made by NPR to explain and provide intelligent and objective comments on the world of finance and economics. Providing complex financial theories and applying them to the current environment for you to really understand what’s going on in the global economy. Running at an average of 25 minutes this is a great podcast to sit down and relax to a variety of different hosts for a better understanding of the world of finance.

  1. Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter

Dollars and Sense is a book written by best selling author Dan Ariely and financial comedian and writer Jeff Kriesler, diving deeper in the concepts of behavioural economic and the psychology behind financial decisions. It explores the concept of emotions being the main driver for our monetary decisions rather than our brain. This book perfectly blends insightful financial knowledge with humour and everyday use cases. It’s the kind of book that you won’t be able to put down.

  1. Financial Times

The Financial Times is long recognised as one of the world’s leading news organisations with award-winning journalism. Its one of the most insightful newspapers on everything going on in the world and a definite morning must read for anyone who wants to be up to date in the current world affairs.

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