World-class software

Your Financial Control Center

Corporate cards and expense management for MENA region companies. 30mins to setup and you’ll be in complete control of your company expenses.

Instant-issue charge cards

Virtual and physical cards available on demand for your teams.

No more mid-night whats-app texts to get OTP codes!

No more expense tracking nightmares

  • shineSet custom limits for employee and vendor cards
  • shineMatch receipts by replying to a text
  • shineFind and approve transactions easily
Manage subscriptions

Set up a unique virtual card for each subscription

Set per month/day/weekly limits.

Never worry about missing a payment or being overcharged for a subscription again.

Easy integrations

No more fraud and missed expenses

Seamless rewards

Customer service at your finger tips

Best-in-class rewards program, cash-back and partners.

One-time use

Need to make a one-time purchase online?

Burner cards are a perfect fit.

Single-use card that expires, protecting you from unwanted recurring charges.

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Take control of your finances

30 mins to setup and you’ll be in complete control of your employee expenses and reimbursements.