Corporate Health Insurance

Designed for SMEs

Qashio Insurance offers a pioneering online health insurance solution tailored for SMEs. As the first entirely digital SME health insurance provider, we bring you:
  • Instant Coverage: Access top-tier insurance for any business size.
  • Rapid, Paperless Application: A 10x faster process without paperwork.
  • Digital Medical Declarations: Easy, confidential health declarations online.
  • Privacy for Pre-existing Conditions: Employee-exclusive visibility for enhanced privacy.
  • Competitive Pricing: Save up to 25% on premiums.
  • Customizable Coverage: Select from three coverage levels to fit your needs.
  • Top Healthcare Providers: Partnerships with leading medical institutions.
  • Flexible Payments: Manageable financial terms for your convenience.
  • Easy Management and Refunds: Quick policy cancellations and refunds online.

Top-tier Network:

Qashio Insurance simplifies health coverage for SMEs, offering efficiency, affordability, and access to top-tier facilities, such as;
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