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About Qashio

What is Qashio?

Qashio is a comprehensive spend management software which allows you to issue unlimited physical and virtual cards for your employees. Qashio enables companies to take control of their day to day spending with complete visibility and real-time controls. Transactions are automatically linked to your accounting software allowing you to eliminate expense reports and reduce the time wasted on reconciliation. Find out more here.

How do Qashio Cards Work

With Qashio, you can instantly issue cards for your employees with the option of a physical or virtual only card. Virtual cards are perfect for online spending or subscriptions and can be linked to all major wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Qashio cards can be managed with a range of different controls including predefined budgets with daily, weekly or monthly limits; vendor or category specific spending limitations; ability to enable or disable ATM withdrawals; predefined card expiration date and the option to suspend or cancel a card at any time. These preemptive controls on spending, combined with real time visibility on transactions makes spend tracking a breeze!

With the option to issue unlimited cards, you can create Qashio cards linked to specific projects or campaigns to ensure you never go over budget again.

How many cards can I issue

You can issue an unlimited number of cards!

Can Qashio cards be used everywhere?

Yes, Qashio cards can be used online and offline, locally and internationally, anywhere Visa is accepted.

Features & How to Use

How can I transfer money to my Qashio account?

You can easily load your Qashio account via bank transfer to a secured pool account. Funds transferred will reflect in your account the same day or within 24 hours.

Can I transfer money from my Qashio account?

Yes, you can transfer your funds back to your bank account at any time.

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from an ATM using your Qashio card. The account administrator also has the option to disable ATM withdrawals as needed.

Can we integrate Qashio with our accounting software?

Yes, Qashio integrates with most of the top accounting and ERP softwares making reconciliation of your spending possible at the click of a button.


Where are my funds being held?

Funds transferred to your Qashio account are held in segregated, ring-fenced, client accounts held with our banking provider. Funds are never commingled with those of Qashio or any other company and Qashio will never be able to access these funds for our own use.

How is my data protected?

Any data provided to Qashio is securely stored in a PCIDSS level-1 compliant data centre in the UAE. All data passed between our servers and third parties is 2048-bit SSL encrypted. Card transactions data is transmitted via VPN-tunnels to a certified PCIDSS level-1 processor. Please refer to the Qashio Privacy Policy for detailed information on data protection.

What is Qashio's Fraud Policy?

All transactions made on a Qashio cards are monitored by fraud detection algorithms designed to temporarily block your card in case of suspicious activity. You will be informed via a push notification or email if your card has been blocked, along with the details of the suspicious transaction. If the transaction is not fraudulent, the company Admin has the option to re-enable your card from the Qashio Control Centre.

Both the admin and the card holder also have the option to suspend or block cards immediately if they notice any suspicious activity on the card.

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