As an industry-leading expense management platform, Qashio has been empowering businesses across the globe to streamline their financial operations and enhance their overall efficiency. One of our esteemed clients, CK Architecture and Interiors, has experienced remarkable improvements in their expense management since integrating Qashio into their workflow.

About CK Architecture and Interiors

CK Architecture and Interiors, founded by the visionary Cem Kapancıoğlu, is a renowned firm specializing in creating exquisite architectural designs and interior spaces. With a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from commercial buildings to residential spaces, CK Architecture has been leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

The Challenge: Simplifying Expense Management

Like many successful businesses, CK Architecture had been grappling with the challenge of effectively managing their expenses. The traditional methods of manual record-keeping and tracking expenses were becoming increasingly cumbersome, leading to unnecessary administrative work and hindering their ability to focus on core business activities.

Furthermore, as CK Architecture handles a multitude of projects simultaneously, keeping a close eye on project expenses and ensuring they stay within budget was crucial for maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

The Solution: Qashio’s Cutting-Edge Features

Upon recognizing the need for a more streamlined expense management process, Cem Kapancıoğlu, the founder of CK Architecture, sought a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing workflows and improve operational efficiency.

Enter Qashio, an expense management platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle their finances. With a suite of innovative features, Qashio offered CK Architecture the tools they needed to take control of their expenses.

  1. Automating Petty Cash Management

    One of the standout features of Qashio that profoundly impacted CK Architecture’s operations was the automation of the Petty Cash process. The system efficiently handled all petty cash transactions, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing the risk of errors. This automation enabled CK Architecture’s team to focus on core tasks rather than getting bogged down in administrative work.
  1. Approval Workflows for Fund Requests

    With Qashio’s approval workflows, CK Architecture’s employees could easily submit requests for funds, which then followed a streamlined approval process. This ensured that expenses were properly authorized and aligned with the company’s budgetary guidelines. The result was improved accountability and control over spending.
  1. Project Accounting Module

    Qashio’s Project Accounting module proved to be a game-changer for CK Architecture’s finance department. It provided a transparent and real-time view of expenses associated with each project. This level of visibility allowed the team to keep a close eye on project budgets, avoid overspending, and make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation.

The Outcome: Improved Efficiency and Financial Control

Since implementing Qashio, CK Architecture and Interiors has experienced a significant transformation in their expense management processes. Cem Kapancıoğlu, the founder of CK Architecture, expressed his satisfaction with the platform, stating, “Qashio has helped us to improve our operational efficiency by completely automating the Petty Cash process. Using approval workflows to request funds means my team is able to eliminate unnecessary admin work and focus on growing the business. The Project Accounting module allows my finance department to easily track spending for different projects and ensure we are not going over budget, which is crucial in our industry.”

The seamless integration of Qashio into CK Architecture’s workflow has resulted in increased productivity, reduced manual errors, and better financial control. As a result, CK Architecture and Interiors have been able to allocate more time and resources to innovate and deliver exceptional architectural designs to their clients.


The success story of CK Architecture and Interiors with Qashio is a testament to the platform’s ability to revolutionize expense management for businesses of all sizes. With its powerful features, including automated petty cash management, approval workflows for fund requests, and the project accounting module, Qashio empowers businesses to take charge of their finances and drive growth.

If you’re looking to enhance your company’s financial operations, just like CK Architecture and Interiors, consider integrating Qashio into your workflow. Streamline your expenses, boost efficiency, and unlock your business’s full potential with this cutting-edge expense management platform.

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