Efficient financial management is a vital aspect of any business, allowing companies to streamline processes, save time, and reduce errors. Grubtech, a leading company in the food technology industry, recognized the need to consolidate their spending and improve manual reconciliation processes. In their pursuit of a solution, they discovered Qashio, a powerful spend management platform that revolutionized their financial operations. This case study delves into how Grubtech leveraged Qashio to save tens of hours each month on manual reconciliation, enhancing their financial efficiency and streamlining their operations.

Grubtech: A Brief Overview

Grubtech is a prominent player in the food technology industry, providing innovative solutions for online ordering, delivery management, and customer engagement. With their comprehensive suite of services, Grubtech empowers restaurants and food businesses to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost overall profitability. As a forward-thinking company, Grubtech recognized the importance of optimizing their financial management processes to drive sustainable growth.

Puja Lakhotia, Finance Manager of Grubtech, emphasized the impact of Qashio on their operations, stating, “Qashio has helped us save tens of hours each month on manual reconciliation by seamlessly syncing our spending directly to our accounting software.”

This quote highlights the substantial time savings achieved through Qashio’s spending consolidation and automation capabilities.


The Challenges Faced by Grubtech:

Before integrating Qashio into their financial workflows, Grubtech encountered several challenges in their financial operations:

  1. Dispersed Spending: Grubtech’s spending was spread across multiple platforms, making it difficult to consolidate financial data for reconciliation.
  1. Time-Consuming Reconciliation: Manual reconciliation of transactions from various sources was a labor-intensive process, consuming valuable time and leaving room for errors.
  1. Increasing Complexity: As Grubtech expanded its operations, the volume and complexity of financial transactions grew, necessitating a more efficient and reliable financial management system.

Qashio: The Solution to Streamline Financial Operations

Grubtech turned to Qashio, an innovative spend management platform, to address their financial management challenges. Here’s how Qashio transformed their operations:

  • Centralized Spending Consolidation: Qashio’s comprehensive platform allowed Grubtech to consolidate their spending from different sources, providing a centralized view of financial transactions. This consolidation simplified the reconciliation process and eliminated the need for manual efforts.
  • Automated Reconciliation: Qashio’s advanced reconciliation capabilities automated the matching and verification of financial transactions, reducing the reliance on manual processes. This automation not only saved time but also enhanced accuracy and reduced the risk of errors.
  • Enhanced Financial Visibility: With Qashio’s intuitive reporting and analytics features, Grubtech gained real-time visibility into their financial data. This visibility empowered finance managers to make informed decisions, identify spending patterns, and optimize financial strategies.

The Results: 

Streamlined Financial Management and Improved Efficiency: By implementing Qashio, Grubtech achieved significant improvements in their financial management processes. Here are the key outcomes they experienced:

Time Savings:
Qashio’s automated reconciliation features helped Grubtech save tens of hours each month. The spending consolidation features also assisted them in saving hundreds of hours during their annual audit through the availability of documentation and comprehensive audit trails. This time savings allowed their finance team to focus on more strategic tasks and contribute to the company’s growth initiatives.

Error Reduction:
By automating reconciliation, Grubtech minimized the risk of human errors associated with manual processes. This reduction in errors enhanced financial accuracy and instilled confidence in their financial reports.

Improved Efficiency:
Qashio’s centralized spending consolidation and real-time visibility provided Grubtech with a comprehensive understanding of their financial landscape. This enhanced efficiency allowed the finance team to optimize spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and streamline financial operations.

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Grubtech, a leading company in the food technology industry, successfully transformed their financial operations with the implementation of Qashio. By leveraging Qashio’s spend management platform, Grubtech consolidated their spending, saved valuable time on manual reconciliation, and improved overall financial efficiency. Qashio’s automation capabilities and real-time visibility empowered Grubtech to make data-driven decisions, enhance accuracy, and streamline financial processes. Grubtech’s experience highlights the immense benefits that Qashio offers in simplifying financial management for businesses across industries.

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