Given the significant rise in fuel costs this year, companies are more conscious than ever before of the costs associated with fuelling company and employee vehicles for the purpose of conducting business.

Some companies have a fuel reimbursement policy for employees who travel on behalf of the business. Whether that employee is a member of the sales team traveling for customer meetings, a delivery driver collecting and dropping off supplies, or a company driver transporting employees, they are all entitled to claim reimbursement for the amount they have spent on fuel and this amount can quickly add up.

According to a study by Bayzat, petrol prices in UAE have risen by 60% since the start of the year, leading to a 38% increase in employee fuel reimbursement costs. With this alarming increase comes the need for companies to more closely to analyze and control their fuel spend. 

With Qashio Company Cards, you can instantly create UAE-issued fuel cards for all your employees, with a range of controls and automated reconciliation of expenses.

Why Use Qashio Cards for your Fuel Expenses?

There are a host of benefits associated with using Qashio UAE-issued AED currency Cards to manage your fuel expenses.

Create Unlimited Fuel Cards

Qashio allows you to create an unlimited number of fuel cards for your employees. Instantly create and assign cards to your employees and remove the worry of managing fuel expenses and reimbursements.

Employees can effortlessly upload a receipt and memo in a matter of seconds through Qashio’s user-friendly app.

Set Controls and Limits on your Fuel Cards

Control how your cards are used with daily, weekly, and monthly spend limits and the ability to control where the cards can be used. You can even limit the usage of your cards only to fuel stations.

Flexible Usage

Unlike traditional fuel cards, Qashio cards can be used at the nearest gas station meaning your employees don’t need to waste time driving to a specific fuel station.

Track Usage in Real-time

With Qashio, you get real-time visibility on your spending allowing you to get up-to-the-minute insight into your expenses and easily track your fuel consumption.

Companies no longer need to wait until the end of the month to analyse their spending and can take proactive steps to control their spending.

Automated Reconciliation of Expenses

Remove the headache and time drain of manually reconciling your fuel receipts. With Qashio, fuel transactions are automatically mapped to the right account in your ERP or Accounting Software based on your individual accounting structure. Qashio integrates to most top ERP and Accounting Systems, allowing you to effortlessly reconcile your expenses.

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