In the UAE, where expats make up almost 90% of the population, employment visas and related costs make up a large portion of a company’s monthly expenses. Public Relations Officers (PRO) or Government Relations Officers (GRO) are crucial resources to all businesses in the country and most medium to large companies will have a dedicated in-house PRO.

The PRO is responsible for managing not only employment visas but also the issuance or renewal of important licences and permits. Given the nature of their work, the PRO is responsible for a high level of company spending.

Understand Your Expenses

In a typical organisation, a PRO will have one company card assigned to them which they use for all the costs they encounter. With all expenses merged on one card, it is then up to the PRO or an accountant to manually sift through the bank statements, match the expense with the corresponding receipt and then manually assign to the corresponding GL code.

With Qashio, you can eliminate this process by linking expenses from specific government agencies directly to their corresponding GL code, allowing for automated reconciliation to the relevant expense category. Companies can easily allocate multiple cards to their PRO with each assigned to a different task or project making it easy to allocate expenses. By allocating one card for trade licence renewals and another for new employee visa costs, company’s can easily differentiate their PRO spending.

Eliminate the Paperwork

PRO’s manage a lot of crucial paperwork on behalf of their company. Filing expense reports along with corresponding receipts or invoices becomes a tedious task which is often deprioritised over more important tasks. With Qashio, transaction details are automatically captured and digital copies of receipts can be easily captured and uploaded through a mobile friendly app. By eliminating the manual processing of expenses, your PRO is free to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Qashio is here to help! Get in touch with us to understand how Qashio can help to streamline your PRO expenses.

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