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Finance managers and departments, as the backbone of an organisation, are responsible for some of the most crucial task involved in operating a company. Given the complex nature of their work, finance departments are often stretched for time and resources making high-effort, low-impact tasks, like employee expenses reconciliation, an unwelcome burden.

In spite of their important role in a company, finance teams are often overlooked when it comes to implementation of new softwares and solutions to assist in managing their daily taks. Finance departments deserve more than just a licence for Excel and Qashio is here to provide finance professionals the tools they’ve been waiting for.

Qashio offers finance professionals the tools they need to deliver success:

  • Issue company cards with vendor or category-specific spend controls with real-time visibility on transactions

  • Integrate with ERP and Accounting Software for automated reconciliation

  • Manage your petty cash with Qashio’s Financial Control centre

  • Allocate budgets by department and set custom spendings limits by time period, frequency or vendor

  • Set Policies and Multi-level Approval Workflows

  • Save time with integrated approval workflows, allowing for seamless approvals with a click of a button

  • Set suspicious activity alerts with ability to instantly enable or block users and cards

  • Eliminate fraudulent or unauthorised transactions

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