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IT managers and departments are typically responsible for a lot of the big ticket spending which happens in a company. IT spending occurs on a wide range of platforms, from laptop purchases and software licences to phone and internet fees. Spending, particularly on softwares, is often on a subscription basis and can sometimes lead to repetitive or unnecessary costs if not monitored closely.

IT teams are at the heart of technological innovation in companies and are always seeking solutions which will save their company time and resources. They often need to react quickly to create efficiencies or rectify issues and as such it is crucial that they have access to the resources they need, at short notice.

Qashio can help your IT team consolidate and categorise their spending to allow them to accurately assign costs and determine the most cost-effective solutions for the company.

Qashio offers IT Teams the solution they need to streamline their spending:

  • Issue company cards with vendor or category-specific spend controls with real-time visibility on transactions

  • Allocate budgets by department and set custom spendings limits by time period, frequency or vendor

  • Manage subscriptions efficiently and identify unnecessary or duplicate spending

  • Categorise spending and generate reports on a vendor or category level

  • Issue cads for a specific project or purpose to accurately allocate spending

  • Manage your petty cash with Qashio’s Financial Control centre

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