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Purchasing / Procurement Department

The purchasing or procurement team and the spending they undertake is crucial to the operation of any business. Whilst many of their purchases may be made on a contract or credit basis, there are also purchases which may need to be paid at the time of order or delivery.

Empowering your purchasing team to make direct payments to a supplier should assist them in negotiating better rates. Additionally, it gives them the flexibility to react quickly to a situation and make urgent purchases when needed

Qashio can empower your purchasing or procurement team to take ownership of their spending and have greater awareness of and responsibility for the costs they initiate on behalf of the company.

Qashio empowers Purchasing Teams to take control of their spending:

  • Issue company cards with vendor or category-specific spend controls with real-time visibility on transactions

  • Ensure compliance to spend policies and budgets with pre-set controls

  • Get visibility on spending by category, vendor or item to identify cost-saving opportunities

  • Allocate budgets by department and set custom spendings limits by time period, frequency or vendor

  • Manage your petty cash with Qashio’s Financial Control centre

  • Generate reports on spend by vendor and use this in your negotiations

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