Control Your Budgets with Unlimited
Pool Accounts and Corporate Cards

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You Now Have Two Account Types
to Choose From

Individual Account Card

•  Request funds for the card
•  Spend on card balance
•  Add limits to manage spend

Pool Account Card

•  Multiple cards linked to one account
•  Spend balance from pooled account
•  Add limits to manage spend
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Pool Account Benefits

Easy Card Managment
Advanced Budget Controls
Optimised Cash Flow Management
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  • How will Pool Accounts work for my company?

    With Pool Accounts, you can create pooled budgets linked to multiple cards and or users. Pool Accounts can be used for any number of use cases including managing budgets for Marketing, Software, Projects, Petty Cash etc.

  • Can I have Pool Account Cards and Individual Account Cards at the Same Time?

    Yes, Qashio offers you the flexibility to choose whether to link your card to a pool account or have its own balance, enabling you to operate your business on your terms.

  • Do Pool Account Cards have all the same Features and Controls as Individual Account Cards?

    Yes, Pool Account cards offer the same advanced limits and controls as Individual Account Cards. Controls include limits by amount, frequency, geography, expense category or merchant.

  • Is it Easy to Set Up a Pool Account?

    Yes, you can create Pool Accounts within seconds from your Qashio Admin Portal and start creating linked cards immediately!

  • How Can I Access Pool Accounts?

    The Pool Accounts feature is available for all Qashio customers on Premium, Business+ and Enterprise plans. If you would like to know more about the Pool Accounts feature, speak to your Customer Success Manager or contact 

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