Multi-Award Winning

Corporate Cards and
Expense Management Solution

Qashio: Revolutionizing business finance with comprehensive corporate card management, seamless expense tracking, and innovative lending and insurance solutions – all in one platform.
  • Advanced Corporate Cards: Customizable corporate cards offering precise control over business spending. 
  • Real-Time Expense Management: Instant tracking and management of expenses for efficient oversight.

  • Seamless Accounting Integration: Integration capabilities with major accounting and ERP systems for streamlined operations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: In-depth financial analysis and insights through customizable reporting options.

  • Automated Receipt Capture: Simplified expense reporting with easy upload and management of receipts.

  • Multi-Level Approval Workflows: Configurable approval processes for effective management of expenditures.

  • Custom Spending Limits: Set individual or departmental spending limits for enhanced budgetary control.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Intuitive interface for a comprehensive overview of financial transactions and card usage.

  • Expense Categorization: Automated categorization of expenses for better financial tracking and analysis.

Trusted by top UAE Organizations

Qashio, trusted by the UAE's top organizations, streamlines financial operations with its cutting-edge corporate card and expense management solutions, enhancing efficiency and control for leading businesses across the region.

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